1. Log in (Click on the Akada picture to enter

  2. Click on your child

  3. Click on the class. 

  4. Find the class code. 

  5. Copy and paste the class code into zoom.  

  6. Click on the Zoom icon to enter zoom


If you’re on a laptop or computer and you’re prompted to open Zoom, please select that option rather than continuing in a browser.

Going Digital 
Victoria’s Simply Dancing is committed to finish the dance season strong!  That is why we’ve shifted to connecting with you virtually.
Zoom is the live streaming service that we’ll be using to continue delivering classes each week. 
Why Zoom?
Zoom will allow your child’s teacher to interact with their students exactly as they would if classes could meet in the studio.  Teachers will be able to see your dancer so we can continue to effectively teach recital choreography, new steps and have a social experience.  
What should I expect? 
When the class begins, your teacher will greet everyone.  For our younger classes, teachers will greet each dancer by name and ask questions so they realize their teacher can still see them.  For our older classes, teachers will give the dancers some time to talk to each other so they can maintain that social interaction. 
Decide what device your dancer will use to live stream.  Download the Zoom app to that device.  The Zoom app is available on tablets, phones, laptops and computers.  Zoom works best with an app rather than on a browser


Login to your parent’s portal and click where shown in the  steps below. Please note that the video link will not work until the class time begins.  


My dancer is very young.  How can I help them adjust to virtual learning?

You can use tape to mark an “X” on the floor for your dancer’s spot.  You should also stick around to encourage your dancer during the class.  If you want to join and dance with your child, that’s okay too!  Keep in mind that all classes are recorded.  If your child gets distracted during the live class, you can go back to the recording any time so your dancer can participate in small pieces at a time.  You can also replay their favorite parts throughout the week!

Does it matter where I set my dancer up to dance at home?

You’ll want to clear some space for your dancer to move but we don’t have any type of size or floor requirements.  When the weather is nice enough, dancing outside works well too!

However, if you want to give your dancer some motivation to clean their room, this is a good way to do that!


How will this compare to in-studio classes?

The only difference is that we’ll be in practicing social distancing!  Your child will continue to learn (from a distance), and have social interaction with dance friends.


I have other children at home, sometimes my house can feel (and sound) like a zoo.  Will that be a problem?

Absolutely NOT a problem! You can mute your side, and then unmute when your dancer has a question.







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