I signed my niece up about 8 months ago or so and she loves it. "Dance with Victoria" has now overtaken Soccer and playing dolls as her favorite activity. The facility is very nice and all the employees are great with the girls. We will definitely continue here!



This is my granddaughter's 4th year dancing. She has come so far in such a short time. Miss Victoria and all the teachers at VSD are all awesome. I can't wait to see how far she can go in her dream as a ballet dancer. I know if anyone can help Angel become the best she can be its Miss Victoria.


Beth Murphy



Great Studio! Teachers are awesome! Owners are so sweet too! My daughter loves dance because of them.


Brittay O'Neal



Mrs Victoria is an amazing teacher, the gift she has for these kids, of all ages -is so amazing! I am so glad we have been a part of this studio for the past two years, my daughter is excited to start dance combo 1 with her favorite teacher, keep up the great work Mrs Victoria!


Nichole Carrillo Stokes



Miss Victoria is an amazing caring instructor! She made our first time visit a very welcome sincere attitude and helped eased my daughter's nervousness.


Marina Lim



I wanted to tell you how happy I am that we chose your studio! Makenna and Tabs have grown so much! Makenna becomes more and more confident with every dance step you take with her. We have a new extended family within this studio! Thank you again for all that you do for these girls!!


Opal Vargas-Irish

We are beginning our third year at the studio and I could go on and on about our experiences, but this past year solidified us as a permanent fixture there. One of my daughters joined the competition team and the day before her first competition, she broke her arm in two places and needed surgery. We had SO much love and support from everyone and I believe that her teacher was almost as upset for her as I was. We had visitors and gifts and just anything and everything given to her that might make her feel better. In addition to that, I was offered help with my other kids along with hugs and even a Starbucks gift card to keep me going while taking care of her. To extend that love and support to me is just above and beyond what you would expect. She was back at the studio after two weeks with her doctor's permission and a few limitations and she went on to compete for the rest of the year, only missing that one competition, and had an extremely successful year. You will not find a more supportive studio, in my opinion. The staff, teachers and other parents have been so good to us and I truly appreciate each and every one of them.


Tiffany Ricciardi

We love that our 4 year old is dancing with Victoria's Simply Dancing!  Sarah absolutely loves Victoria and her staff.  She is on the Petite Competition Team and Victoria does a beautiful job with the girls.  I must say, Victoria not only has beautiful and original choreography, but she keeps her dance moves age appropriate.  My husband and I are truly thankful to find this in a studio!  I believe that this is why Sarah is so happy here.  Thank you, Victoria, for being the best teacher for our Sarah.



Le Anne Pietrantonio


Dear Ms. Victoria, Thanks for being an amazing teacher.  You've taught me so much!





Dear Victoria, Happy 3rd Recital!  This is just a small token of our appreciation to you for having a positive learning experience for Emily.  Thank you for your patience & love for dance - it definitely shows on Emily.  We will be lucky to have Emily be a positive person like you.  Thank you for being a great role model for her. You are much appreciated.



Justine & Robert